Board Meeting Minutes October 11, 2022


Written by Laura Dallas

October 11, 2022

BOARD MEETING was called to order at 6:05 p.m. by Acting Board Chairman Eric Paull.  Other Board members present were Cliff Sires and Larry Ellis. Employees present were Colleen Johnson, Tanner Weisgram, and Laura Dallas.  Public in attendance was Brett Converse and Grant Nixon.  Brian Werst, District Legal Counsel, was present via Zoom.


6:15 pm          Brett Converse with JUB
6:30 pm          Grant Nixon, Ponderay Carwash

ADDITIONS TO AGENDA: Less than 48 hours prior to meeting

Minutes:  Minutes of the September meeting were approved as presented.
Financial Statements:  Financials as presented were approved.
Maintenance Report:  Maintenance Report was approved as submitted.  Tanner attended the second meeting of WAG (Watershed Advisory Group) for the Boyer Slough.


  1. Brett Converse, JUB regarding NPDES Permit, Grant options, Lake Study: The Lake Study has been reviewed and evaluated and now sent on to Boise. Brett will be submitting a public access request of the report to review what sent. Brett and Tanner have plans to tour a chemical plant in Parkdale, OR.  They are a little smaller than us and have been up and running for quite a while.  Will be meeting with an operator there and hopefully one of their Board Members to obtain feedback on the system that they are using.
  2. The Cottages Homeowners’ Association regarding the possibility of lake access for outflow was discussed. Brian Werst, KPSD Legal Counsel is working on a purchase agreement and easement for lake access.
  3. Grant Nixon received the paperwork from KPSD regarding the purchasing of needed ERs for the Ponderay Carwash. Mr. Nixon let the Board know that they would not financially be able to meet the 6 months deadline that the Board had proposed. Grant had called Eric directly; however, Eric let him know that he had to come before the Board for discussing other options. The carwash currently has 11 ERs.  The average over the last 12 months has the carwash usage at 15 ERs. The Nixon’s just invested in upgrades for the carwash and would like to postpone the purchasing until April 2023 when the business picks back up.  Table any further discussion and decisions until November meeting.  Grant Nixon will bring a proposal in writing to present to the Board at that time.
  4. There were no current proposed agency review requests to present.



  1. The Bonner Mall Partnership Sewer Main Extension Application and Agreement was discussed. IDEQ has approved the plans.  Larry motioned to accept the application and Cliff seconded the motion.
  2. Assignment of Sewer Capacities/Hookups for the Bouse/McClure property at 279 & 287 Birch Street, Ponderay. Motion to acknowledge assignment by Cliff, seconded by Larry. All in favor.  Document to be recorded on properties.
  3. Resolution 11-2022, Authorization to Destroy Temporary Records. Motion to not read the resolution at meeting was made by Larry and Cliff seconded.  All in favor.  Motion to accept resolution 11-2022 was made by Cliff and seconded by Larry.  All in favor.
  4. The Hardship Application Reviews will be tabled. Expected applications were not turned in.  No Action was taken.
  5. ICRMP Nomination Form. No Action was taken.



  1. Commercial-Industrial Sanitary Sewer Service Connection, 282 Piehl Road, Ponderay,-24-unit Multi-Family apartment complex, Property owner GVD.  NOT APPROVED.
    This is a multi-unit apartment complex located on an adjoining parcel to the Ruby Hotel.  It is also owned by GVD.  GVD still has ERs to purchase for the Ruby and Loggers Daughter as well as ERs for this multi-unit apartment.  Table this application until November meeting.
  2. Commercial-Industrial Sanitary Sewer Service Connection, 101 Boise Street, Drive-thru Coffee Hut, Property owner Nancy Hastings.  APPROVED
  3. Commercial-Industrial Sanitary Sewer Service Connection, 477181 Hwy 95, Suite B, By Design Chiropractic, Property Owner, GVD.  APPROVED


FYI: Tanner approved:

Rescinding Memorandum of Agreement for lateral repairs, 1200 Kootenai Cutoff, recorded 10/4/22
Rescinding Memorandum of Agreement for lateral repairs, 302 Humbird Street, to be recorded 10/11/22
Memorandum of Agreement for lateral replacement, 279 Birch Avenue, recorded 10/4/22

Larry moved to adjourn the meeting.  Cliff seconded the motion.  All in favor.

Meeting adjourned at 6:55 pm.

Signed:  Laura Dallas

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