Board Meeting Minutes February 2024


Written by Laura Dallas

February 12, 2024

BOARD MEETING was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Board Chairman Jim Osman. Other Board members present were Eric Paull and Cliff Sires. Board member Bob Thurston was in attendance via teleconference and Board member Larry Ellis attended via zoom. Employees present were Colleen Johnson, Tanner Weisgram, Rebekah Zwygart and Laura Dallas. District Legal Counsel was present via Zoom. The public in attendance was Brett Converse with JUB and Mark Johnson with Bonner County.  District Patrons Dennis Erdt, David Pillips, and Brian Sturgis were also in attendance.  From the Idaho Conservation League Jennifer Ekstrom and Karissa Huntsman were also in attendance.


  • 6:00 pm – Brian Werst, District Legal Counsel via Zoom
  • 6:15 pm – Brett Converse with JUB
    Tanya Lawless with Kutak Rock, LLP , Bond Counsel via zoom

ADDITIONS TO AGENDA: Less than 48 hours prior to meeting

Minutes:  Minutes from the January Board meeting were approved.

Financial Statements:  Financials as presented were approved.

Maintenance Report:  Maintenance Report was approved as submitted. This past January was the wettest and warmest month that Tanner has seen. It should now level off over the next 3 months.


    1. Brett updated the Board on the mechanical plant option. The cost increased for the mechanical plant project. The grant will remain at $13.8M.  The bond will be increased from $10M to $18.5M. For a total cost of project at approximately $31M. At Friday’s meeting between District Staff and DEQ, DEQ announced changes in the perimeters for discharging which changed the cost of the plant.  Stricter limits were announced and would now apply year-round. These stricter limits will require an advanced secondary treatment including daily chemicals to be added and a larger building and generator to operate the higher end plant. Brett discussed with the larger plant adding a membrane that would meet the stricter limits. Membranes have a life of approximately 10-15 years before needing to be replaced.  Post Falls has been testing this technology for several years. Brett should have more information at the next meeting.
      Under New Business: Resolution 02-2024 to add the Bond for Vote on May ballot.  The Board reviewed the estimated loan amount, the language for the voting ballet and the language for the loan and grant. After discussion Eric moved to approve and adopt the Resolution for bond in the amount of 18.5M.  Bob Seconded the motion.Roll Call:  Eric – Yes, Bob – Yes, Jim – Yes, Larry – Yes, Cliff – Yes

      Jim allowed public comments at this time.  David Phillips, a District resident that resides adjacent to the Boyer Slough, commended the Board for their efforts on the improvements. He would like for Board to go beyond DEQ requirements for cleaning up the Slough. He asked what the next step would be if Bond did not pass the May election. The Board informed those present that the next step would be Judicial Confirmation. However, the first steps would be to properly inform the voters on the necessity of the Bond for the plant improvements. The timeframe for compliance with DEQ is 2028.Jennifer Eckstrom with the Idaho Conservation League asked to address the board and was granted permission. Jennifer thanked the district for the addition of public comment but requested that it be allowed before a vote on an action.

      *At this time Cliff Sires informed the Board that he is resigning.  Chairman Jim Osman asked if Cliff would be staying through the meeting, at which Cliff responding that yes, he would complete tonight’s meeting.

      Brian Sturgis, resident at Whiskey Jack Condos, addressed the Board.  He asked if this new plant would be able to handle the growth by 2028.  Brett responded that the plant would be designed to 2028 expected growth.  Jim also responded that the plant would be designed to handle projected 20-year capacity growth.

    2. Brett addressed the Board regarding the meeting with DEQ. Jim stated that it has been frustrating at the slow pace that DEQ has moved and the late date that changes were made. Many questions are still being addressed.*Tanya Lawless, Kutak Rock, LLP left the meeting at this time.
    3. Providence Park Subdivision review of the Sewer Main Extension and the use of a Surety Bond through Bonner County to secure the infrastructure will be completed. Their goal is to be able to start building homes prior the completion of the SME. Brian Werst thought the Surety agreement is a good place to start; however, it doesn’t identify actual protection to the District. District needs to see the actual amounts involved. The district will need the project approved from DEQ before moving forward.  Brian Werst, District Legal Counsel, will be in attendance at the March meeting. Colleen will ask for the specific surety bond that will protect the District. Further discussion is tabled until the March meeting when the prospective new owners will also be in attendance.
    4. There was a correction made to the “Acknowledgement of Assignment of Sewer New User Facility Fees” for the Bay Trail Investments, LLC Bay Trail Condominiums that was previously signed at January’s meeting. The corrections to two of the parcel numbers were made and new paperwork was submitted.  The Board accepted the corrections and signed the new version.



  1. Resolution 02-2024 was discussed under #1 of Old Business.
  2. The Board discussed scheduling public meetings to address the plant improvements and bond that will be on May’s Election Ballot. The first installment of information will go in the February Newsletter to be sent out with the quarterly billings. Tanya and Brian Werst will assist with the wording for the announcement. Also, scheduling an early evening meeting in March followed up with a possible meeting in April as well. March 25-28th would be a good window for scheduling the first public meeting. The bond will require a 2/3 majority of voters. This number is based on the number of patrons that vote, not the population. Residency of at least 30 days in District is required.
  3. The second subdivision that is being proposed is on the Altifisch property and borders the District’s land application site. This subdivision is proposing a public well to be built instead of City Water. The statute requires a 1,000-foot set-back of a public drinking water well from any drain fields. The placement of the well may interfere with the District’s land application setbacks. The Board discussed having the Providence Road Subdivision begin their infrastructure prior to the second Providence Road Subdivision (Altifisch property). District to reach out to the owner, developer, and engineering team of their concerns and objections. No Action taken at this time.
  4. The Board was informed of the City of Ponderay project to repave McNearney Road. Letters from the City were sent to property owners. The District also sent letters to property owners regarding the placement of stub outs at the time of repaving as there will be a 5-year no cut order put into place. No Action taken.
  5. There are no current proposed Agency Reviews Requests for this month. No Action taken.
  6. Tanner informed the Board of a very large flow of storm water that registered through Lift Station #12. Within 2 hours 30K gallons of storm water entered the system. That equates to 10% of daily use in 2 hours. Letters were sent out to the homeowners that access Lift Station #12 explaining the unauthorized use penalties. No Action taken.



  1. Single Family Residence Sewer Service Connection Request, Bay Trail Condominiums, Unit 101, Bay Trail Investments.
  2. Single Family Residence Sewer Service Connection Request, Bay Trail Condominiums, Unit 102, Bay Trail Investments.
  3. Single Family Residence Sewer Service Connection Request, Bay Trail Condominiums, Unit 103, Bay Trail Investments.
  4. Single Family Residence Sewer Service Connection Request, Bay Trail Condominiums, Unit 104, Bay Trail Investments.
  5. Single Family Residence Sewer Service Connection Request, Bay Trail Condominiums, Unit 201, Bay Trail Investments.
  6. Single Family Residence Sewer Service Connection Request, Bay Trail Condominiums, Unit 202, Bay Trail Investments.
  7. Single Family Residence Sewer Service Connection Request, Bay Trail Condominiums, Unit 203, Bay Trail Investments.
  8. Single Family Residence Sewer Service Connection Request, Bay Trail Condominiums, Unit 204, Bay Trail Investments.
  9. Commercial-Industrial Sewer Service Connection Request, Sears Industrial Building, Lew’s Industrial Park Block 1, Lot 4 (1 building- 5 units)


Eric moved to adjourn the meeting.  Larry seconded the motion. All in favor.

Meeting adjourned at 7:07 pm.

Signed:  Laura Dallas, District Clerk

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