Leak Adjustment Policy

Written by Colleen Johnson

January 1, 2020




On occasion, a Customer may experience an abnormally high sewer bill as a result of a leak on the Customer’s side of the point of service.  The purpose of the District’s Leak Adjustment Policy is to provide the Customer with some relief from an abnormally high sewer bill resulting from a qualified leak on the Customer’s side of the point of service. It is accepted wastewater utility practice, and the policy of the District, that the customer is responsible for the proper provision, monitoring, operation, maintenance, repair and replacement of wastewater utility service lines and components of the customer’s wastewater system from the connected building(s) up to and including the tap at the District’s main line. This includes leakage. This policy concerns the adjustment of a Customer’s sewer bill where the bill is based upon metered water consumption, and the bill reflects unusually high usage which can be attributed to a qualified leak. This policy shall be applied in a non-discriminatory manner to all Customers. Leak adjustments will not be given for unusual usage due to leaking commodes, dripping faucets and/or spigots, malfunctioning appliances and similar situations that should be reasonably noticed or detected by the Customer.


The District is subject to various state and federal regulations and has no discretion to adjust bills in a manner which would violate these regulations and this Leak Adjustment Policy.


The Customer is responsible for monitoring higher than expected water usage as reflected on the Customer’s water and/or sewer bill. The Customer has an obligation to investigate high usage and promptly repair any leaks. A Customer who has knowledge of a leak is required to promptly repair the leak as a pre-condition to the District’s consideration of a request for a leak adjustment.


The District must be notified by the Customer as soon as possible that a leak has occurred and that an adjustment is desired. The District shall not consider or approve any adjustment to a sewer bill unless an actual physical leak caused the extraordinary usage for which adjustment in the bill is requested, and the leak is located, documented, and repaired. All requirements must be met before an adjustment can be given by the District, as well as satisfactory evidence provided to the District of non-entry in the District’s system. If the leak occurs inside the structure and there is evidence of a drain in the basement or floor drain, it is assumed the water entered the sanitary sewer system.


  1. The leak must be non-preventable and be located in the service line on the Customer’s side of the meter. This could involve a leak within or under a building if the leak was due to a ruptured water service line or similar sudden release of water due to a ruptured water service line.
  2. Leaking commodes, dripping faucets and/or spigots, malfunctioning appliances and similar situations shall not constitute leaks which entitle the Customer to an adjustment.
  3. The Customer must make a written request to the District for a leak adjustment on a form provided by the District.
  4. The written request shall include a Plumber Affidavit of Leak and Repair that states and contains the following:
    1. How the leak was discovered;
    2. The date the leak was discovered;
    3. The nature and location of the leak;
    4. The date the leak was repaired;
    5. The name, address and telephone number of the person or company repairing the leak;
    6. A description of the repair work performed; and
    7. Copies of all receipts related to the repair of the leak
  5. All requests must be received in writing by mail or at the business office of the District during regular business hours.
  6. Requests for adjustments will be applied to bills no more than 6 months prior to request and only for those periods actually affected by the leak. Requests for exceptions must be addressed by the Board.
  7. All leaks that have been discovered, or for which the Customer has been notified of, shall be repaired as soon as possible and verification of repair shall be provided to the District.
  8. Except as set forth in paragraph 14 of this policy, a leak adjustment will not be applied to any penalties applied or assessed to the Customer.
  9. All leak adjustments will be credited to the Customer’s account and applied to the bill(s) that reflect(s) high water usage.
  10. In the case of leaks related to leaking commodes, dripping faucets and or spigots, malfunctioning appliances and similar situations which do not constitute sufficient reason to adjust monthly/quarterly billings for sewer services, the District will take such factors into consideration in regards to the assessment of additional requirements of NUFFs or Unauthorized Use penalties.
  11. This policy applies only to unknown leaks and is not applicable for adjustment of increased sewer flows which result from inflow or infiltration.
  12. Billing adjustments made pursuant to this policy will only be made once in a ten (10) year period per property. Requests for exception must be reviewed by the Board of Directors of the District.
  13. Adjustments which affect the requirement of NUFFs and or Unauthorized Use Fees as well as monthly sewer billing charges must come before the Board of Directors of the District.

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