KPSD Board Meeting Minutes June 13, 2022


Written by Laura Dallas

June 13, 2022

BOARD MEETING was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Board Chairman Jim Osman.  Other Board members present were Eric Paull, Bob Thurston, Larry Ellis and Cliff Sires.  Employees present were Tanner Weisgram, Colleen Johnson, and Laura Dallas.  There were no members of the public in attendance.


  • 6:15 pm           Brett Converse, JUB (Called he will not be in attendance)


ADDITIONS TO AGENDA: Less than 48 hours prior to the meeting

  1. Under Old Business add the Cottages Homeowners Association regarding the timeline and placement of the offshore line.

Minutes:  Laura let the Board know that the Minutes presented at May’s meeting was actually from March and not April’s minutes.  The District Clerk was not present at the May meeting; therefore April meeting minutes did not get submitted for approval at the May meeting.  April meeting minutes and May meeting minutes were presented at tonight’s meeting and approved as presented.

Financial Statements:  Financials as presented were approved.

Maintenance Report: The Maintenance Report was approved as submitted.  Land application usually does not start until July.  Heavy rains may delay the application.  Operations completed 154 locates.  Many of these cover several blocks due to boring.  (Ziply, Vyve, Ting are just a few companies that request long locates.)



  1. Brett Converse from JUB was not in attendance. There were no updates regarding the NPDES.
  2. The Cottages – Homeowners Association (CHA): Tanner had reached out to 3 Amigo’s for general information regarding boring for possible deep lake outfall. Received some information for a discussion point only.  Price of pipe would be 2-4” at $25.00 per foot or 8-10” at $40.00 per foot. Tanner will get best size of pipe confirmed – 8” or 10”. Board discussed starting project with the just the irrigation pipe.  District to send a sample of what the easement would look like to the CHA.  Brett to look into the price of an easement as a lump sum.  Tanner will be checking into pipe size for cost.  The Cottages Homeowners Association will be on July’s agenda for further discussion.
  3. Review of New User Facility Fee rate and structure. Need to make clear that this is for the adjustment of the New User Facility Fee (NUFF) only. Discussed structure for developments and projects. Discussion only, no action has been taken.  Points of Discussion: For developments or projects, especially those taking a significant amount of time to complete, possibility of the District accepting a substantial deposit with balance due upon connection.  Other discussion points:  1) retain a portion of deposit for administration fees should project not be completed and balance of deposit returned; 2) have a contract with the District in place and recorded.  All NUFFs must be purchased at building permit. Lot splits would no longer require the purchase of additional NUFFs until building permit, not at split. Change in ownership would require partial NUFFs to be paid in full.  NUFF contracts with partial payment are not transferrable. Discussion around Sewer Main Extension developments:  will they require a full NUFF paid for all lots or will they fall under vacant lots with no NUFF until building permit.
  4. Assignment of Capacities for 53 and 55 Emerald Industrial Park Drive. P & D Development.  Assignment was approved and signed.



  1. Disbursement of final Grant Funds. Board approved having the funds released.  Forms were signed by Board.  Brett will come by at a later date to sign.


APPLICATIONS and UPDATES: (ACTION)   All were accepted.

  1. Single-Family Residence Sewer Service Request (ADU), 245 Carnelian Avenue, Matthew King
  2. Commercial-Industrial Sewer Service Request, Ponderay Plaza Apartments, EH1, LLC
  3. Single-Family Residence Sewer Service Request, 108 Dustarr Lane, Tarek Saab
  4. Single-Family Residence Sewer Service Request, 116 Dustarr Lane, Tarek Saab
  5. Single-Family Residence Sewer Service Request, 124 Dustarr Lane, Tarek Saab
  6. Single-Family Residence Sewer Service Request, 130 Dustarr Lane, Tarek Saab
  7. Single-Family Residence Sewer Service Request, (Shop), NNA Ponder Point Lane, Nathan Rodland
  8. Single-Family Residence Sewer Service Request, (House), NNA Ponder Point Lane, Nathan Rodland
  9. Single-Family Residence Sewer Service Request, 401 Helena Street, Joanna Roop
  10. Single-Family Residence Sewer Service Request, 403 Helena Street, Joanna Roop
  11. Commercial-Industrial Sewer Service Request, 30340 HWY 200, Magpie Market, LLC


(a)  To consider hiring a public officer, employee, staff member or individual agent, wherein the respective qualities of individuals are to be evaluated in order to fill a particular vacancy or need. This paragraph does not apply to filling a vacancy in an elective office or deliberations about staffing needs in general. 

Jim called Special Meeting Session to Order at 7:23 pm

Motion to go into Executive Session was made by Bob at 7:23 pm and seconded by Eric.

              Eric – Yes; Bob – Yes; Jim – Yes; Larry – Yes, Cliff – Yes

Motion to come out of Executive Session was made by Bob at 7:31pm and seconded by Eric.

              Eric – Yes; Bob – Yes; Jim – Yes; Larry – Yes, Cliff – Yes


No decision made – informational only on prior need to fill a position.

Larry moved to adjourn the meeting.  Cliff seconded the motion.  All in favor.

Meeting adjourned at 7:32 pm.

Signed:  Laura Dallas

Executive Session:  Colleen Johnson

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