Board Meeting Minutes November 13, 2023


Written by Laura Dallas

November 13, 2023

BOARD MEETING was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Board Chairman Jim Osman. Other Board members present were Eric Paull, Bob Thurston, Larry Ellis, and Cliff Sires. Employees present were Colleen Johnson, Tanner Weisgram, Rebekah Zwygart, and Laura Dallas. The public in attendance was Brett Converse with JUB. KayLeigh Miller with the City of Ponderay, Jennifer Ekstrom with the Idaho Conservation League, Mary Sturgis (homeowner), and David Phillips (homeowner).


  • 6:15 pm – Brett Converse, JUB
  • 6:30 pm – KayLeigh Miller, Planning Director/Project Manager, City of Ponderay

ADDITIONS TO AGENDA: Less than 48 hours prior to meeting

Minutes: Minutes from the October Board meeting were approved.

Financial Statements:  Financials as presented were approved.

Maintenance Report:  Maintenance Report was approved as submitted.


  1. Brett Converse addressed the NPDES permit. Moving forward with Grants and Loans. The District needs to have a resolution in place for when the applications are ready for Board signature.
  2. Proposed Agency Review Requests. Text Amendment to Bonner County Revised Code Title 12 regarding vacation rentals. The District bills these properties as metered users. Water reads will be reviewed annually. Providence Subdivision (116 homes). No Action was Taken.
  3. The New User Facility Fee Promissory Note for The Laundromat in Ponderay was reviewed. The Laundromat is the tenant and GVD is the property owner. Per District legal counsel, we will need to have both the tenant and the owner sign the agreement for payment.



  1. Resolution 08-2023, Authorizing Resolution for Grants and Loans: Bob moved to suspend the reading of the resolution in meeting.  Larry seconded the motion.
    Roll Call Vote:  Eric – Y, Bob – Y, Jim – Y, Larry – Y, Cliff – Y
    Bob moved to approve Resolution 08-2023, Authorizing Resolution for Grants and Loans to be signed by the Board Chair when ready.  Eric seconded the motion.
    Roll Call Vote:  Eric – Y, Bob – Y, Jim – Y, Larry – Y, Cliff – Y
  2. KayLeigh Miller addressed the Board regarding the City of Ponderay’s Waterfront Park. Plans have been completed for final design and the City is working towards obtaining grants to start construction. There will be a need for a Sewer Main Extension Agreement to be put in place. The City will pay the $800.00 plan review cost; however, they are asking that the $10,000.00 deposit be deferred until they are closer to construction, which will depend on the grant approval process. The City already has one paid new user facility fee for what will be the event area with restrooms. The food trucks will be self-contained as they will only be temporary. The Board discussed waiving the deposit and amending the Sewer Main Extension agreement. Eric made a motion to amend the Sewer Main Extension Agreement and waiving the $10,000.00 deposit. Bob seconded the motion.  All in favor.  Agreement to be amended for legal review and approval before sending to the City of Ponderay.
  3. Setting a method for public comments during Board Meetings. Either after each item , and before the decision; or at the end of the Board Meeting. This is to give the public a formal time during meetings to make comments in a formal format.
    Jennifer Eckstrom suggested for the Board to have a time at the beginning of meeting for the public to bring up comments that could then be added to the agenda.
    The Board responded that this would not be feasible as items cannot be added to an agenda less than 48 hours before the meeting unless they are vital and voted on.  Eric has some specific information used by other entities that he will forward to Colleen. The Board agreed that a more formal format should be looked at. This topic will be reviewed again at December’s meeting.
  4. The Board discussed options on when final balances on New User Facility Fees should be paid. When exceptions have been granted to developers to pay a portion of their NUFFs upfront a plan needs to be put in writing for when the final payments are to be paid. This may vary slightly with type of development; however, it should be noted that the final balance will be based on the then current total NUFF cost and not the total NUFF cost at time of first installment payment. These agreements will be in writing with all parties signing.
  5. The policy regarding COVID sick pay is no longer in effect.
  6. Jennifer Eckstrom, with the Idaho Conservation League asked and was granted to address the Board.  Jennifer asked if the Board had a decision between the choices of mechanical plant, Land Application Site Expansion, or connecting to Sandpoint Sewer System. The Board stated that the District is still waiting for the final permit from DEQ. Currently the District is leaning toward the development of a mechanical plant with the awarded Grant monies. This would not expand the District’s plant boundaries. The size of the plant and costs have not been finalized. Brett and Tanner have been visiting other mechanical plants and determining the required specs. A decision should be reached in March 2024.


APPLICATIONS and UPDATES: (ACTION) All were accepted.

  1. Commercial-Industrial Sanitary Sewer Service Connection Request, 179 Colville Lane, Suite B, Tenant Mountain View Company (Construction Contractor) (ACTION)
  2. Commercial-Industrial Sanitary Sewer Service Connection Request, NNA Bonner Mall Way, RPPT, (ACTION)
  3. Commercial-Industrial Sanitary Sewer Service Connection Request, MBDP Properties, LLC, 95 Express Carwash (ACTION)


Cliff moved to adjourn the meeting.  Larry seconded.

The meeting adjourned at 6:45 pm.

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