Public Notice – March 18, 2020

Written by Colleen Johnson

March 18, 2020


During this time of pandemic and shortages in the stores of things such as toilet paper, please remember that “disposable” is not interchangeable or the same thing as “flushable”. If you are using items other than toilet paper, which is made to disintegrate appropriately in a sewer system, DO NOT FLUSH THESE OTHER ITEMS.  Please dispose of them in the trash. These include things such as baby wipes, adult wipes, toilet wand pads, paper towels, napkins, and facial tissues.

Items not meant to be flushed into the sewer system can cause back-ups and clog lift stations. This would only add more fuel to the current situation. Taking proper care to not cause any unnecessary issues will help everyone.

Flushing items down your toilet that do not belong in the system cause increased costs to the District in maintenance time and possible damage to sewer equipment. This, in turn, affects all rate payers. This could also cause damage to private sewer laterals which must be repaired at the owner’s expense. Private sewer laterals are not as large as the sewer mains and are not meant to handle larger amounts of items.

Our Operations and Maintenance crew works hard to keep the system running properly. Keeping them safe and healthy so they can continue to do their jobs properly is also of concern. Please do not take offense if they do not shake your hand in greeting or maintain a physical distance.

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