KPSD Board Meeting Minutes April 20, 2020


Written by Laura Dallas

May 7, 2020

BOARD MEETING was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Board Chairman Jim Osman.  Other Board members present were Eric Paull, Bob Thurston, Larry Ellis and Cliff Sires. Employees present were Tanner Weisgram, Colleen Johnson and Laura Dallas. Cody Evans participated via Web. Present from the public was Brett Converse from JUB. 

6:15 p.m.          Brett Converse, JUB

ADDITIONS TO AGENDA: Less than 48 hours. 

Minutes:  Minutes from March were approved as submitted.
Financial Statements:  Financials were approved as submitted.
Maintenance Report:  Maintenance Report was approved as submitted. Board asked for clarification on item #18 regarding a sewer break. The lateral line at the Larkspur Apts. broke and there was some sewer on the ground. The District assisted with the vactor truck and a contractor was called in to do the repairs. Update on old S&W property:  the last 3 trailers were removed, and the laterals were capped.


  1. NPDES review: In relation to the new NPDS restrictions Brett presented the Board with a draft copy of the 2020 Wastewater Treatment Facilities Plan Update. The due date for the final plan update to DEQ is June 2020. There will be a workshop as part of the May Board Meeting and a public open house will be scheduled in June prior to the DEQ deadline. KPSD will be inviting the Cities of Ponderay and Kootenai to participate in the open house. The District’s various options for maintaining compliance, as outlined in the plan, were discussed. Such options include discharging to the Land Application during summer months and the lake during the winter months, and various types of mechanical plants. Projections were based on an expected long-term growth rate of 2% with base flows expected to increase to about 351,000 gallons per day by the end of the planning period in 2040. KPSD is a District; therefore, it can have Sub-Districts within it. This would require some legal groundwork to be put into place. No Action was taken.
  2. The KPSD Web Page is now live. The office has begun to direct patrons to the Web page and a few applications have already been received via the webpage. Office is looking at possibly adding a few more forms to the page.
  3. The Board agreed to continue with modified hours as the Governor extended the “Stay-at-home” Order for the State of Idaho. It seems to be working fine without too much strain on the workload for staff. KPSD will continue to follow the State’s coronavirus plan.
  4. A new draft edition of the Rules and Regulations was distributed to the Board for review. The Board will address any changes at May’s meeting. No Action was taken by the Board. 


  1. Motion to dispense with the reading of Resolution 04-2020 “Authorization to Destroy Old Cell Phones” was made by Bob and seconded by Eric P.
    Roll Call:   Eric P. – yes, Bob – yes, Jim – yes, Larry – yes, Cliff – yes
    Motion to approve Resolution 04-2020 “Authorization to Destroy Old Cell Phones” was made by Eric P. and seconded by Bob.
    Roll Call:   Eric P. – yes, Bob – yes, Jim – yes, Larry – yes, Cliff – yes
  1. Budget meeting dates were set. First draft of Budget will be submitted to Board at May’s meeting; Budget Workshop to be held at noon on July 23rd; Meeting for Approval of Budgets for Publication will be held on August 4th at 5:30pm; and the Budget Public Hearing will be held on August 24th at 5:30 pm.  All meetings will be held at the KPSD District Office Board Room.


  1. Single-Family Residential Connection Request, 113 Crooked Ear Drive, Peterson Construction

Motion to adjourn meeting was made by Cliff Sires and seconded by Larry Ellis. All in favor.

Adjourned at 6:55 p.m.  Signed: Laura Dallas, Clerk

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