Board Meeting & Executive Session Minutes August 8, 2022


Written by Laura Dallas

August 8, 2022

BOARD MEETING was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Board Chairman Jim Osman.  Other Board members present were Eric Paull, Larry Ellis and Cliff Sires. Board member Bob Thurston was present via teleconference. Employees present were Tanner Weisgram, Colleen Johnson and Laura Dallas.  Public present was Steven Marsh with TDH Engineering and Mark Johnson. Brian Werst, District Legal Counsel, was present via Zoom.


  • 6:15 pm          Brett Converse with JUB (not present, available for meeting by phone if needed)
  • 6:30 pm          Steven Marsh, TD&H Engineering, GVD Multi-use Units
  • 6:45 pm          Brian Werst, District Legal Counsel via Zoom for Executive Session           

ADDITIONS TO AGENDA: Less than 48 hours prior to meeting

Minutes:  Minutes of the July meeting were approved as presented.

Financial Statements:  Financials as presented were approved.

Maintenance Report:  Maintenance Report was approved as submitted.


  1. The City of Sandpoint, Ms. Stapleton, asked Eric where we were with the NPDES Permit. He informed them that our report was with IDEQ and we were awaiting information back from them.
  2. Steven Marsh addressed the Board regarding the engineering for the multi-unit development that is being planned for the Northeast section of the GVD property. The development cannot connect to where the cabins are as that is a lateral, not a sewer main extension.  Tanner suggested connecting at north end of GVD Sewer Main Extension.  Steven and Tanner will schedule to meet and discuss further.
  3. Discussion of the approval to publish proposed 2021-2022 revised budgets and the 2022-2023 budgets. Eric moved to reschedule the discussion for approval to August 15, 2022.  Larry seconded the motion.  All in favor.
  4. The Cottages Homeowners’ Association regarding the possibility of lake access for outflow again was discussed. Tanner stated that should the District go this direction, the District would access the lake through boring, not open trenching.
  5. Colleen informed the Board that the District had received a final letter confirming the closure of the IDEQ Grant.


  1. Reviewed the Delinquent Turn-overs to Bonner County Tax Rolls. The District turned over $6,000 less than last year.
  2. A motion was presented by Eric to increase the capitalization threshold from $1,500 to $5,000 as long as it was captured and tracked. Amounts up to $5,000 would not be depreciated and would be operating expenses.   Larry  seconded the motion.  All in favor.
  3. Correction to the minutes for the March 2017 Board Meeting was presented. Minutes had read for Sandpoint Hospitality – Ruby Hotel; should have been Sandpoint Hospitality – Holiday Inn Express.
  4. A motion to donate again this year $150.00 to the Ponderay Days was presented by Larry and seconded by Cliff. All in favor.
  5. A proposed agency review request for the commercial development of the Kootenai Commerce Center was reviewed. Sizing will need to be calculated and a sewer main extension put into place. There was also a zone change submitted by the City of Ponderay for 50-60 homes at the end of Hawthorne Avenue.  Tanner will meet with Brett regarding service.  DEQ has requested a letter of declining balance of availability (ERs) as part of the regular “Will Serve” letter for new projects within the boundaries.
  6. The management letter from KPSD to DeCoria, Blair & Teague, P.S. regarding 2020-2021 District Audit was discussed and signed by Jim Osman. Final Financial Report received from DeCoria, Blair & Teague, P.S. on 8/4/22.  This is the final year of our contract.  A new contract should be arriving soon. 


  1. Commercial-Industrial Sanitary Sewer Service Connection, 477470 Hwy 95, Ponderay, Sandpoint Hotel Group, LLC
  2. Single-Family Residence Sewer Service Connection, NNA Upper Humbird Dr., Sandpoint, John & Barbara Juneau
  3. Single-Family Residence Sewer Service Connection, 95 Nancy Road, Sandpoint, Nancy Haff
  4. Commercial-Industrial Sanitary Sewer Service Connection, 1001 Fontaine Dr., Ponderay, Wood Boat Builders, LLC

Tanner approved:

            Memorandum of Agreement for lateral repairs, 101 Whiskey Jack Road, Recorded 7/15/22

            Memorandum of Agreement for lateral repairs, 1200 Kootenai Cutoff, Recorded 7/8/22


EXECUTIVE SESSION  (following Board Meeting)

  • 72-206 (f): To communicate with legal counsel for the public agency to discuss the legal ramifications of and legal options for pending litigation, or controversies not yet being litigated but imminently likely to be litigated. The mere presence of legal counsel at an executive session does not satisfy this requirement.

Motion to go into Executive Session at 6:40pm was made by Larry and seconded by Cliff.

ROLL CALL:  Eric – yes, Bob – yes, Jim – yes, Larry – yes, Cliff – yes

Motion to come out of Executive Session at 7:05pm by Eric and seconded by Cliff.

ROLL CALL:  Eric – yes, Bob – yes, Jim – yes, Larry – yes, Cliff – yes

Decision was made for the District to not respond to the letter received regarding a possible easement for the District from the Cottages Homeowners’ Association at this time as advised by legal counsel.  Eric moved to accept the decision and Cliff Seconded the motion.

ROLL CALL:  Eric – yes, Bob – yes, Jim – yes, Larry – yes, Cliff – yes

Larry moved to adjourn the meeting.  Cliff seconded the motion.  All in favor.

Meeting adjourned at 7:05 pm.

Signed:  Laura Dallas

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