KPSD Proposed Budget – FYE September 30th, 2022


Written by Laura Dallas

August 11, 2021


Kootenai-Ponderay Sewer District

The public hearing for consideration of the proposed revised budget for the fiscal year ending September 30th, 2022 will be held at the District office at 511 Whiskey Jack Road on Thursday, August 26th, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. All interested persons are invited to appear and show cause, if any, why such budget should or should not be adopted. Copies of the proposed budget in detail are available for examination at the District office by calling 208-263-0229.

Proposed Budget – FYE September 30th, 2021
Anticipated Revenue
Receipts-User Fees1,172,245.31
Receipts-Miscellaneous, Penalties and Interest17,500.00
Receipts-New User Facility Fees174,000.00
Receipts-LID Payments16,432.00
Interest Earnings12,250.00
Transfer from Reserve Funds245,700.39
Total Anticipated Revenue and Income1,642,497.00
Anticipated Expenditures
Capital Expenditures
Land and Building Improvements150,000.00
Computers and Related, Office Equipment and Furniture9,500.00
O&M Equipment and Tools - Large and small40,000.00
Lift Station Upgrades20,000.00
LAS Upgrades45,000.00
Plant and SCADA Upgrades20,000.00
Total Anticipated Capital Expenditures284,500.00
Wages and Payroll Burden
Wages -Employees and Board members393,000.00
Payroll Burden-Mandatory77,688.00
Payroll Burden-Medical50,350.00
Operations and Maintenance Expenses
Utilities-water, garbage, power67,200.00
Telephones-Cell Phones7,650.00
One Call Services, Internet Services4,150.00
Training, Meals, Mileage, Travel, Uniforms10,700
Dues, Fees, Licensing, Subscriptions,Public Relations16,750
Insurance-Liability-Workers Compensation17,709.00
Shop Tools, Supplies and Safety supplies16,500.00
Office Supplies, Postage, cleaning, Equip. Computer and related48,000.00
Disinfection, Odor Control, Lab Testing, Sampling41,000.00
Audit, Publishing, Financial Related9,000.00
Legal and General Engineering240,000.00
Lift Stations, Plant and SCADA Maintenance75,000.00
Buildings and Grounds Maintenance15,000.00
Land Application Expenses15,000.00
Manholes, Lines, Inspection Camera Maintenance152,500.00
Bank Service charges and Misc expenses1,800.00
Depreciation, Operating replacement70,000.00
Total Anticipated Expenditures 1,642,497.00
Net Anticipated Income0.00

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