The Waste Watcher Issue 88

Written by Laura Dallas

February 15, 2022

Board Members

Jim Osman
Larry Ellis
Eric Paull
Cliff Sires
Robert Thurston

The Board meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at the Sewer District office starting at 6 pm. Please call the office at least one (1) week in advance if you would like to be included on the agenda.

District Office

511 Whiskey Jack Road
Sandpoint, ID 83864MAILING
P.O. Box 562
Kootenai, ID 83840

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Rain and Snow Melts:  If your property has a sump pump (submersible pump) in your crawl space or basement, it needs to be treated the same as storm water and diverted to storm ditches or storm drains and not connected to the District’s Waste Water Collection System.  All water introduced into the District’s system must be treated before being discharged.  Pumping additional ground or storm water into the system increases the costs related to the treatment and handling of these inflated flows.   Please note that it is a violation of Federal, State, and local laws; as well as District Ordinances, to deliberately introduce ground water into the sewer systems.   Keeping infiltration down will save in treatment costs throughout the year. 

Other improper connections to check for:

  • Gutter downspouts
  • Footing or foundation drains
  • Outdoor stairwell drains
  • Driveway or yard drains

If you have any of the above connected to the sewer main or flowing into your cleanout, please have the connection removed, capped and rerouted by a professional.  Please contact the District for assistance identifying any questionable connections.  

Metered Users:  Usages have been re-evaluated and changes in use will be reflected in this billing.

ANNUAL LID Billing:  The 21st annual LID billing will be sent out the first part of April.  This annual payment will be due by June 19, 2022.  When making your payment, please be sure to clearly mark your check as your LID payment and include the remittance slip.  We would greatly appreciate that you make separate check payments for your LID and sewer bills.  

Payments:  Please be sure to reference your account number on your check payments. Your account number begins with the letters BID.  For drop box payments—we would like to caution you on dropping off cash payments. This is for your account safety as well as ours. 

On Line Payment Portal is Here:  If you have an internet connection and an email address, you can now pay your KPSD bill on line. 

Visit our website at

Select the “Pay Bill” icon

Create an account, then add your service address by adding your Web ID (found on your quarterly bill).  If you have multiple service addresses, you will have to add the Web ID for each address. 

Our payment portal gives you the ability to pay by credit card, set up automatic recurring payments, access to your account (s) on line, and view your last billing statement or payment history. 


Colleen’s Year in Review

kpsd-johnsonWhat a whirlwind of a year we have had! We have greatly appreciated the patience of all of our patrons as our staff works through all the changes that have happened.

In the past year, the District experienced the loss of one of our collections operators. Our remaining Operations team has been working hard to maintain responses to customers, as well as the daily requirements of keeping the District running properly. With one less operator, some responses may take a little bit longer, but they are working hard to respond to all calls.

A Lake Study has been in process as part of the District’s efforts to determine the best way to meet the new DEQ permit requirements. There are several options on the table. The results of the Lake Study are an important part of the decision process and should be available soon. 

I am sure everyone noticed there was no rate increase this fall. The Board made this decision after a review of the proposed budget for fiscal year Oct. 2021—Sept. 2022. The Board and staff work hard to use funds provided through the monthly sewer charges to keep the District running proficiently. The Board felt that operating needs could still be met this year while maintaining the current rates. Currently, a rate study is under way to make sure that all fees are in-line with the needs of keeping the system running in a way that meets the permit requirements, as well as what may be needed in the future to continue to meet permit requirements. 

The office has undergone some changes as well. With the growth of the District, the office needed to add an additional full-time employee. Many of you have already been introduced to her either in the office or over the phone. We appreciate the skills Daranee brings to our staff and her outgoing, friendly personality. 

The office began the change over to a new software this past summer, which is designed specifically for governmental entities and utility providers. Although it has been quite the change from our previous software, we are looking forward to the capabilities it will make available to us while allowing us to meet the growing needs of the District. Please be patient as staff adjusts to the new software and how to access the information in a different manner. The new software and using a third-party billing company to help with our billing has also given us the ability to add that greatly requested option of making payments online. PLEASE be sure you are on the District’s website to use the on-line payment option. If you have concerns or questions regarding the on-line payment option, please call the office. 


Eric Paull became an appointed Board member with the District in 2001 and has been an integral part of the Board since that time. 

Eric grew up in Lewiston, Idaho and graduated from Lewiston High School.  He is a graduate of Lewis Clark State College (Lewiston, ID) with a degree in Business Administration. 

He began his career in banking by joining First Security Bank in 1982 as part of their Management Training Program.  In 2007, Eric began his career with Washington Trust Bank and was responsible for opening the bank’s commercial lending office in Sandpoint.  Eric is currently VP – Commercial Banking. 

He also currently serves as Chairman of the Sandpoint Urban Renewal Agency, Chairman of the Bonner County Economic Development Corporation, and is a current member of the Sandpoint Rotary Club (previous Club President).Eric and his wife, Lisa, have two sons who both graduated from Sandpoint High School.  Snow skiing, boating, biking, hiking, and gardening are activities enjoyed by Eric and his family.

Laura Dallas

Laura Dallas

District Clerk

Colleen Johnson

Colleen Johnson

Business Manager

Tanner Weisgram

Tanner Weisgram

Operations Manager

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