The Waste Watcher Issue 80

Written by Laura Dallas

February 15, 2020

Board Members

Jim Osman
Larry Ellis
Eric Paull
Cliff Sires
Robert Thurston

The Board meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at the Sewer District office starting at 6 pm. Please call the office at least one (1) week in advance if you would like to be included on the agenda.

District Office

511 Whiskey Jack Road
Sandpoint, ID 83864

P.O. Box 562
Kootenai, ID 83840

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Rain and Snow Melt Reminder

If your property has a sump pump (submersible pump) in your crawl space or basement, it needs to be treated the same as storm water and diverted to storm ditches or storm drains and not connected to the District’s Waste Water Collection System.  All water introduced into the District’s system must be treated before being discharged.  Pumping additional ground or storm water into the system increases the costs related to the treatment and handling of these inflated flows.  

Please note that it is a violation of Federal, State, and local laws; as well as District Ordinances to deliberately introduce ground water into the sewer systems.   Keeping infiltration down will save in treatment costs throughout the year.

Other improper connections to check for:

  • Gutter downspouts
  • Footing or foundation drains
  • Outdoor stairwell drains
  • Driveway or yard drains

If you have any of the above connected to the sewer main or flowing into your cleanout, please have the connection removed, capped and rerouted by a professional. Please contact the District for assistance identifying any questionable connections.

Thank you.


“It’s a New Year and a great time to review your bill pay program”

 Please review your statement as rates did change on October 1, 2019. Also, the District has been updating the account numbers in our database. You may have a new account number. Please check your statement.

If you have an auto payment coming from your bank directly to KPSD, now is a good time to update the amount and account number to ensure that your account stays current.

The current billing statement is due in full by March 31st, 2020.

If you would like to receive your statement electronically, please contact the office.


2019 In Review

A quick glimpse of what your District has completed in 2019:

  • The District brought in 92,681,101 gallons, managed, treated and discharged 85,258,520 gallons and during the summer months land applied 7,953,600 gallons of effluent. The District is able to transfer effluent to our land application site and at the final stage release for irrigation purposes. The land application site is utilized for growing willows and poplars. These trees play an important role in the absorption of excess drainage as well as providing cuttings for usage along stream banks within our local forests aiding in the prevention of erosion.
  • The District is continuing to perform Lateral Inspection Verifications (LIVs) on properties to assist property owners in our community. These assessments are used to inform owners of possible vulnerabilities within their system.  In 2019 the District performed 268 LIVs.  If you would like an inspection completed on your property please contact the District.  At this time there is no charge to the homeowner.
  • The District also performs sewer assessments for Realtors, Title/Escrow Companies and Homeowners prior to the sale of their property. In 2019 over 140 property assessments were completed.
  • Whenever a property owner is digging or excavating on their property an “811 Locate” must be called in. This past year the District completed 575 locates within our District.
  • The District has implemented a GIS mapping system that can be used in the field that holds main line, lateral, lift stations and manhole locations. This system also holds valuable information regarding private laterals as well. This data includes pictures, videos and latest inspection information.  Having this information available increases efficiency and saves time for the crew when out in the field.
  • The District took a pro-active stance in decreasing Infiltration & Inflow by making adjustments to the manholes within the District. There were 42 manhole lids that were upgraded in January of last year. Plus several more that had routine maintenance completed.
  • A Near Shore Lake Study began in the summer of 2019 and will continue through 2020 as part of the District’s NPDES permitting process.
  • The District demolished 5 older manholes along McGhee Road and reinstalled 4 new ones in conjunction with the re-paving of McGhee Road in July of 2019. The District maintains communication with the cities and county for all paving projects within the District.
Laura Dallas

Laura Dallas

District Clerk

Colleen Johnson

Colleen Johnson

Business Manager

Tanner Weisgram

Tanner Weisgram

Operations Manager

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