Single-Family Residence Sewer Service Connection Request


(Single‑Family Residence/Residential Duplex)         


Prior to the construction of any structure with plumbing, or setting up a mobile or modular home, or any other moveable unit that can be used as living quarters on a permanent or temporary basis within our boundaries, you are required to have an approved Sanitary Sewer Service Connection Request and to have paid the New User Facility Fee (NUFF). 

Your completed application with supporting data and a check for the NUFF should be brought to the office (or mailed), and it will be included on the agenda for the first Board of Directors meeting after it is received.  It may be in your best interest to attend the meeting if there are questions or special circumstances that may need to be addressed.  The Board meets ON THE SECOND MONDAY OF EACH MONTH, AT 6:00 PM, IN THE DISTRICT MEETING ROOM LOCATED AT 511 WHISKEY JACK ROAD (except legal holidays, in which case you will need to check with the office).  The Board will review the application for final acceptance.  Connections are not authorized until approved by the Board and (NUFF’s) are paid.

Please notify your Contractor of the following Requirements:

  1. Locate Devices are required to be installed at the property line.
  2. Pressure line connections must comply with specifications on a separate form.
  3. PRIOR TO COVERING the entire lateral and connection into our mainline, it must be inspected by a District Representative.  See the attached inspection form.  You or your contractor/excavator must call KPSD Operations at 290-5979, 24 hours in advance so that a time can be scheduled for your inspection. Leave a message if they are not available. The 24 hours does not include weekends or holiday.
  4. A $250.00 penalty will be assessed if the District Representative has not performed an inspection prior to the covering of the line and the tap to the mainline. The line and tap will have to be re-excavated at your expense. 
  1. The District inspection is required in addition to the permit required by the State.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office.



This connection has been accepted by the Kootenai Ponderay Sewer District, subject to the following conditions. 



Board Member: _____________________________________________   Date: ____________________________

Board Member: _____________________________________________  Date: ____________________________

Board Member: _____________________________________________  Date: ____________________________

Please complete the following.

I hereby request permission to have a single-family residence service connection installed into the KOOTENAI-PONDERAY SEWER DISTRICT, for the property located at:

Town/Area: Block# Lot#

Physical Address:  

County Tax Number:  

I understand that there will be an administrative fee due in the amount of $9.88 per month, until connection to the District’s system”, after which I will pay the regular monthly sewer charge.  I will notify the District office upon connection, and/or of any transfer of property within the District.  I agree to have the connection inspected by the District Field Operations Manager.  I understand that materials and/or labor required to reach the District's line, are NOT included in the New User Facility Fee (NUFF) required by the District.  Any costs associated with physical connection shall be my additional expense.  I agree to notify the District if the property is changed to other than one single-family residence or there is any change in ownership of the building and/or property.

I am enclosing the NUFF (New User Facility Fee) in the amount of $4750.00 for properties with sufficient LID Capacity or $7900.00 for properties with No or Insufficient LID Capacity for this single-family residence connection into the Kootenai-Ponderay Sewer District System.

This connection will be installed/designed by:

My signature certifies that I agree to follow all the requirements, policies and procedures for connection to the District’s wastewater system as stated in the District’s Rules and Regulations and Ordinance and as directed by District Operations and Maintenance staff regarding special requirements.

Applicant: Phone:  

Billing Address:  

Check # Amount:  Receipt #  


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