Commercial-Industrial Usage Update



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Board Member: _______________________________________________________

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Date Board Approved: ____________________________


Previous ER's paid ________. 
Additional projected number of ER's needed ________ @ $8,894 each. 
Total $ ________.

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Date: ____________________________

Please complete the following.

I, , dba , request permission to increase and/or change my use for the service connection installed into the District system, for the property located at:

Town or Area:  BLK# LOT#

Other Location Description:  

Type of Business to be using sewer:  Check if Lease Space: 

Number of Employees: Square Footage of Building:

Hours of Operation: Number of Days per Week:  

Number of Toilets: Number of Sinks:

Number of Tubs: Number of Washing Machines:

Number of Floor Drains:  

Restaurant, Bar or other business with public seating: Number of seats available:  

Other uses of water, etc., which will be drained into the sewer system: 

Changes in my sewer discharge are as follows:

Business Name(s):  Building Owner: 

Billing Address:


I understand:

  1. The plans for this project must be reviewed by the District Staff, Board of Directors, and possibly an Engineer.
  2. Additional New User Facility Fees (NUFFs) may be due with this application if the projected number of capacities/ERs (equivalent residences) needed exceeds the number of ERs previously paid.
  3. If at any time, one year’s average metered use exceeds the total number of ERs/capacities paid, additional NUFFs will be due at the then-current rate, if there is capacity available.
  4. If I should expand or change my usage after this application is processed, I shall submit a new Usage Update Application to the District office prior to increasing or changing usage.
  5. The District does not guarantee the availability of future capacity and reserves the right to deny additional capacity/ER requests at the discretion of the Board based on the District’s system resources.

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