(OTHER THAN– Single-Family Residence) 

Prior to the construction of any structure with plumbing, setting up a mobile or modular home, or any moveable unit that can be used as living quarters on a permanent or temporary basis within our boundaries, you are required to have an approved Sanitary Sewer Service Connection Request, and to have paid the New User Facility Fee (NUFF) as determined by the Board of Directors of the Kootenai-Ponderay Sewer District. 

You may be required to have engineering, and/or a sewer main extension agreement filed and approved by the Board of Directors for your project. Depending on the type of business, your potential use must be estimated, either by the District Personnel or by District Ordinance. There may be other requirements including but not limited to pre-treatment of discharge. For this reason, you should start the necessary paperwork well ahead of your scheduled application for a building permit. All expenses you incur during this process through and including actual connection are your responsibility. 

When all plans have been reviewed and approved by the District Operations Manager, who shall determine the need for additional engineering review by the engineer for the District, the connection request will be reviewed for final acceptance at a regular meeting of the Board of Directors. The Board meets on the SECOND MONDAY OF EACH MONTH, AT 6:00PM, IN THE DISTICT MEETING ROOM LOCATED AT 511 WHISKEYJACK ROAD, (except some legal holidays, in which case you will need to contact the office for the new meeting date. 

Your completed application, supporting data, and a check for the NUFF can be returned to the office Monday thru Friday, or the items can be mailed to the District at P.O. Box 562, Kootenai, Idaho 83840. It will be included on the agenda for the first meeting after it is received. It may be in your best interest to attend the meeting if there are questions or special circumstances that may need to be addressed. Connections are not authorized until approved by the Board and NUFF’s are paid. 

Please notify your Contractor of the following requirements: 

  1. Locate Devices are required to be installed at the property line.
  2. Pressure line connections must comply with specifications on a separate form.
  3. PRIOR TO COVERING the entire lateral and connection into our main line, it must be inspected by a District Representative. You or your contractor/excavator must call Operations at 208-290-5979, 24 hours in advance so that a time can be scheduled for your inspection. The 24 hours do not include weekends or holidays. Leave a message if they are not available.
  4. A $250.00 penalty will be assessed if the District Representative has not performed an inspection prior to the covering of the line and the tap to the mainline. The line and tap may have to be re-exposed at your expense.
  5. The District inspection is required in addition to the permit required by the State.

Commercial-Industrial Sanitary Sewer Service Connection Request

My signature verifies my consent to the following requirements/conditions:

  1. The District may require that plans for this project be reviewed by an Engineer.
  2. I shall submit a Usage Update Application for approval prior to increasing or changing my usage if this change/increase occurs at any time.
  3. The actual number of ER’s is determined by water usage calculated from water meter readings averaged for (1) one year of full operational use. If at any future date, one year’s averaged water use exceeds the number of Capacities\ER’s (NUFF’s) purchased and additional capacities and/or hook-ups are not purchased, the District may assess an “Unauthorized Use Fee” at the then current rate. The District does not guarantee the availability of future capacity, and reserves the right to deny additional capacity/ER requests at the discretion of the Board based on District’s system resources.
  4. My signature authorizes Kootenai-Ponderay Sewer District access to water meter readings information.
  5. I agree to pay the administrative fee of $10.49 per month, per projected ER, until I become a “user”. The term “user” applies to the time of connection to the District system not time of occupancy/use of the facility. After that date, I shall pay the regular monthly sewer charge as determined by the Rules and Regulations/and or water use.
  6. I will call for an inspection prior to making a connection.
  7. I will notify the District of any ownership transfer of the property.
  8. My signature certifies that I will comply with all District Rules and Regulations and Ordinances regarding connection and installation of the sewer service. Including special requirements as noted by District Operations and Maintenance staff



Contingencies or limitations: __________________________________________________________________________



Board Member: _______________________________________________________

Board Member: _______________________________________________________

Board Member: _______________________________________________________

Date: ____________________________


Projected No. of ER's (Equivalent Residences Capacities) ______ @ $8,894.00 per ER  $___________ to be included with this application. 

Signed: _______________________________________________________

Date: ____________________________

Please complete the following.


Is building to be used for lease space? Prior to leasing space, sizing re-evaluation is required to determine capacity needed.

Property Location - Town/Address/Tax No./Other Description:

Type of Business, etc. to be using sewer:

Number of Employees:  Number of Toilets:  Number of Sinks:  

Number of Floor Drains:  Total Square Ft.:   

If restaurant or bar, number of seats for public:  

Other Factors for water/sewer use:

Billing Name:

Billing Address:



Check:  Receipt:  

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